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    Stabilo, The iconic swans logo most renowned for the Stabilo boss highlighter is a brand which we do import and trade with local Hong Kong trading companies and retail shops. The brand has a long reputation for high quality writing instrument having been around since 1855. It has maintained the reputation of being the world’s largest manufacturer of highlighting pen, most renowned for the Stabilo Boss series which started in 1972. Other than highlighter the brand is renowned for it’s ergonomic design for example the easyergo series of 3.15 mm or the 1.4mm pencil series. It fixes the grip of early infant child with the mold grip and the pencil is designed specially so it tailor fits the hand of left or right hand writers. Nowaday, Stabilo offers a wide range of stationery from pen, highlighter, colouring, pencil and many more different types of stationery.

  • WEX

    WEX is an established brand in the market especially for stapling instrument and scissors. The brand is developed by our own company eTeklon Company Limited. Like Stabilo, WEX aims to tailor different needs in the market, for example our scissors we have left hand and right hand scissors. WEX product is renowned for the product being quality to finest, but attractive in a way that the price is very accessible and not out of the world.

  • Quasi

  • Slice

    Slice, well known for the quality cutter it makes. The product is renowned in the market that a majority of the world biggest organizations and conglomerates use their established products. Like all our brand we sell, Slice cares about it’s user, the products are designed by the most established designers and engineers ensuring that the ergonomic and safety of the products is of the highest quality.