About Us

e-Teklon is a vertical integrated group of companies, our Research and development studio in Taiwan with experienced Artists, engineer and Technician offer service in developing principals ideas and requirements into engineering drawings to functional sample. On Principal's approval, then enter tooling IC and electronic design up to ready for mass production partners in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Phillipines.

e-Teklon engaged in exportation of:

(a) office, school products export beside from in-house production, also has extensive sourcing and quality control network in China and Pacific Rim Countries.

(b) Home+ Home Decor

(c) Personal Hygiene & Senior Care Products

e-Teklon import, sales and distribution of:

(a) Writing and coloring instrument-Stabilo (Germany)

(c) Slice (USA)

(d) ETK stationery (own brand).

(e) SesameCavehk.com has been set up to market and sell wide range of selective products on line. “SesameCave-Art & Stationery” : present many well established Brands of Art & Stationery products such as Schwan, Quasi, Slice, WEX plus many others.

C.S.D Logistic

C.S.D stands for custom clearance, Storage and Distribution. At e-Teklon we provide logistic service tailored for web sales. Our clients do not need to worry about the annoying procedures of logistics, we do it all for our clients simply just give us your goods and we will ensure the goods arrived to your final destination safely. You can just leave all your work to us. To know more about C.S.D logistic, click on the link above reading C.S.D logistics